A stylish festival for the whole family

Music, dancing and entertaining workshops
Singing ballerina Triinu Upkin
Lembe Lokk from Paris
„Piirilinna Bigband” (Bigband from Bordercity)
South Estonian dancegroups
Surprise performers

Estonian-Latvian gourmet food and cafeś
Sale of Estonian and Latvian rose plants
Latvian organic food producers
Original South Estonian food
Handicraft and souveniers
Pop-up cafeś

Fun activities for children
Children dancegroup „LEE“
Mini Zoo
Face painting

Performers and Workshops

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Come with your family and friends to listen, see, taste and enjoy the smell of roses!

We have invited famous performers, rising stars and hidden talents who are waiting to be discovered,
may they be arriving from Paris, Valga or Võru.
The hosts of the day are actor Lauri Kare and brilliant entertainer Ms Lisette Lee.

Lisette Lee

The hosts of the day are Lisette Lee


and Lauri-Kare Laos


Triinu Upkin

Triinu is a primaballerina from the Estonian National Ballet, who has been shining on the stage for 15 years.
In addition to dancing, she has been secretly writing beautiful music, which will be on her first album, to be revealed at the Rose Festival concert.
Listen to her singles
“To Mother” and “Barriers in my Life”.

Lembe Lokk

Lembe Lokk

Lembe is a versatile interpreter, residing in Paris, being a singer, a songwriter and an actress, who has been invited to visit Estonia by the event organisers. In 2018 she was awarded a prize of honourable Charles Cros Academy Creativity in France. Her last album was a tribute to Leonard Cohen`s music.

Listen here.


Kaire Rapur

Kaire Rapur

Kaire’s magnificent and captivating voice can be heard on the Rose Garden stage.


Viva la Folk

These are young talented musicians who take their audience on a music
tour from Estonia to Ireland.
Violin – Mats Piho; Guitar – Sten Aamer


Kannel (table harp)

They are a folk dance group from Võru. They will celebrate their 40th anniversary on the stage of the Rose Festival. The first chords of the festivities are given by merry accordion players.



They are a children and youth dance group from Valga, filling the stage with joy and endless energy. The group is led by Ms Lisette Lee, a student of the 11th grade from Valga Gymnasium.


Piirilinna Bigband

Bigband of the Bordercity is the most admired music group in Southern Estonia bringing together local teachers and artists.
They play everything from polka to rock.


The prices are valid for the festival pass owners only. The seats are limited, book in advance!
Workshops are conducted in Estonian.


Painting workshop "Rose is Rose"“Roos on Roos”

The workshop is supervised by a painter and lecturer Joanna Kuusk from the art studio „Pintsel ja Pokaal“. No previous experience is needed – come and try something new!

Fee in advance 15 EUR, on the spot 20 EUR


Workshop Rose products

The workshop teaches you how to use rose petals for making for example oil, soap and vinegar.
Supervisor Maria Kaljuste is the owner of Ideafarm
at Saaremaa island.

Fee in advance 10 EUR, on the spot 15 EUR.


Workshop How to grow roses

The workshop deals with roses and their „cavalliers“ e.g. teaches how to grow roses and find other flowers matching with them on the same flower-bed in the Estonian climate.

Fee in advance 10 EUR, on the spot 15 EUR


Photography workshop How to capture flowers and children

The workshop gives necessary tips how to catch children with your camera and how to find the best angle for photographing the most beautiful flowers. The workshop includes many practical exercises, your mobile phone is enough for participation.

Fee in advance 10 EUR, on the spot 15 EUR.



Rose Garden and park

11.00 opening of the festival area, market place and cafe`s

11.30 festive opening of the event

12.00 Piirilinna Bigband

13.00 modern dance group LEE

14.00 folk dance group Kannel and accordion players

15.00 Viva La Folk 

15.30 folk dance group Pilleriin

16.30 Kaire Rapur

17.00 Lembe Lokk

18.00 Triinu Upkin

Surprises for children and all participants!

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11.00-17.00 Market

The Uma Mekk network and other southern Estonian farm food producers, the Straupe organic producer association from Latvia, rose growers and artisans will be present.


Manor House

13.00 Rose products

14.00 Painting roses

14.00 Photographing roses and children

16.00 Roses and their „cavalliers“

16.00 Rose products

Manor and Rose garden

The manor house of Kaagjärve, previously called Kawershof, was first mentioned in 1541. Before the property was taken over by the young Estonian Government in 1918, it was owned by a famous von Grote family and the manor complex consisted of Kaagjärve Mäemõisa and Kaagjärve Alamõisa properties. 

The current owners have also established close relations with the von Grote family, which is mostly residing in Germany, and got several valuable materials about the history of the manor house. All pictures and photos are on display in the museum of the manor house, situated on the second floor.

The present day life of the manor house is introduced by the younger generation here.


Rose Garden

The main entrance of the manor house was originally situated on the southern side of the building, but it has not preserved. In front of the entrance, there was a pompous roundabout for horse carriages.

From the roundabout, one lime-tree alley led to Valga (Valk), the other to Karula (Carolen). To memorise the symbolic roundabout, a large round rosegarden was built on its place.

The main work for building the rosegarden was carried out by Valga Secondary School students. For the last four summers they have come to help, and under the guidance of an experienced landscape designer they have created miracles, which you will have to come and see with your own eyes.